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One Columus Ave
Boston, MA 02116

We create sensational dessert experiences at Finale. What exactly does that mean? We use the best ingredients, like Valrhona chocolate and Tahitian vanilla beans. We use them to make the most delicious desserts you've ever eaten. They are also the most beautiful desserts you've ever seen. We treat them like jewels, like works of art. We make them on our dessert plating stage with culinary mirrors overhead, right in the middle of the dining room. We literally roll out the red carpet for you, along with velvet seating, candlelight, and linen napkins.

Finale is the place where it's OK to indulge - where splurging is endorsed. When you come into Finale, don't be surprised if you leave feeling pampered. Our expert service staff will take care of you whether you've come in for a momentary get-away or to celebrate a special occasion.

Because you can't always bring your celebration to Finale, we also give you the opportunity to bring Finale to your celebration. Our Finale Bakery offers a stunning array of pastries, cookies, cakes, and other delectable desserts designed for carryout. When our famed Finale navy blue box comes through the door, your family, friends, and guests will know they are in for a treat. And they will know you pulled out all the stops for their dessert-eating enjoyment.

Whether you choose to indulge in the dining room in the Desserterie, or carryout from the Finale Bakery, you can be sure that a Finale dessert experience is truly sensational, in every sense of the word.


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